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May 17, 2012
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Avatar: Legend of Jo by greenapplefreak Avatar: Legend of Jo by greenapplefreak
I know, I know, another Supernatural/ALoK crossover. This time the cover art.

I have no shame.

I’m also slightly worried; does this count as stealing art? Cause if you think about it: same colors, same poses… well, if I get a warning from the DA mods, I’ll now. :P

But I don’t think you understand! I needed to do this art to get this idea out of system!

and let's not forget, it was Jo Harvelle’s appreciation week last week at SPN Big Pretzel, and I wanted to do something, plus, if you think about it, who could make a better avatar than her? (yeah, I know water ppl don’t have blonde hair, but hey, if you can pass Yue as water tribe…)

In the image:
Join avatar Jo and her new team the Incredible Impalas (sponsored by ‘Iroh’s Tea House’) as they blast their way through the bending tournament and save the city from the evil plans of Amon!

Meh, I suck at announcing things. Pretend it’s the male voice of a radio reporter from the 20’s.

Sadly, this drawing now exists only in digital, ‘cause I rested a big cup of tea over my sketchpad and it’s now blurred… -_-;

Still, I’m happy right now: they shifted my fav show from Friday to Wednesday for next season, weee!
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I know.



TortillaDelPeligro Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hah this is very timely, I've been craving SPN (I'm waiting till Season 8 hits Netflix to watch) and I'm watching Avatar, about 2/3 way through and surprised to be loving it.

Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing!
oh! I love your DA name! :la:

(also, I find it cute you're waiting for netflix :P) anyway! I'm sur eyou'll like Avatar, I couldn't beleive it was an american cartoon for a long time!
TortillaDelPeligro Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, tortillas are the revels of the bread world ya know.  Yup.  Not the flakiest, like those croissants, nor the softest like the loaves, but tortillas know how to take the heat, get a little burned, and still stay flexible... they know how to handle - danger!


Yep, right now Netflix is the closest thing I have to a steady relationship, and I must say we're quite happy together. <'D
UPDATE:  I AM LOVING Avatar!  I only wish they'd made the 4th "book"... :[

Keep on-a-rock'n chickie, because you rock my socks off!
I don't even know why but i just like immediately love this so much
ShipperBody Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This looks great, really. Amazing. :3
I'm currently working my way through A:TLA, so I can get to LOK, but this is so awesome!
well then, I'll let you to it so you can geek out with me once you finish!
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